Monday, January 15, 2007

Turn, turn, turn...

I feel that a chapter in my musical career has been closed with the release of "The Horse Diaries". From the early Black Moon Rising recordings to the sophisticated work shown on the later Agnosis and Rampage releases...I've turned a significant corner both personally and musically. With over 150 tracks (if you include demos and live tracks) wandering the earth, much has been done and I'm rather proud of all of it.

Making music has been difficult for me recently and the changes in my personal life and career have lead to many different states of mind of which I am not fully able to make sense of. As a songwriter, music is a method to release and document - and if one has turned a page he may need to re-adjust his creative flow to match these changes. While it sounds somewhat easy, it's probably the most difficult undertaking of any musician.

As I re-launch my musical career with Rampage, Cerbero and Black Moon Rising I need to find the new voice to match what the old voice expressed in it's time. I have turned the final page of an era, but the new era is equally as nerve wracking and and difficult as the first day I attempted to write a lyric or pick up a guitar.

There are still so many stories to be told though...and the soundtracks to those stories are slowly coming together and will hopefully challenge and possibly transcend the works that precede them.