Saturday, January 31, 2009

Recording isn't always what it seems...

Being in the studio has always been a painful time for me. I enjoy the process of writing and rehearsing material...but when it comes to recording, everything seems to become infinitely more stressful and difficult than it needs to be. That being said, the only two records that I have been given proper time to cut happen to be "The Horse Diaries" (Agnosis) and "Cerbero" (Cerbero) - one of which (the Cerbero) has yet to be released. That being said, this new solo album has been smooth sailing, partly due to it being my own material and partly due to Dennis being a patient and upbeat individual who doesn't step on my toes. On the yet to be released Solis Rex record I was given a scant two days to record and shape my vocals, on the Agnosis album "Zero" I was given slightly less than that. While they both stand as good records, I wish I could go back and re-record many moments...but one can be thankful that I was allowed to record many of the following live-shows to get the different sounds I wanted.

Needless to say, we're almost complete with the first single ("Heroin[e]" - to be released on sales very soon...and possibly as a 7") and this has been a very relaxed recording process in comparison to anything I've been put through with a "band".

It's very important that a person works on his own material, as one tends to be more passionate about his own creations than those that others have a profound influence on.

More soon...but this is how things stand at the moment in the you can tell by the above image this has been a strange party indeed.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Is it a woman? Is it a drug? Is it a strange flying object from mars?

Actually, it's the first song we've started working on for the new "Aerik Von & The Choir of Wrath" release. On Saturday I took a trip over to 3113 studios with Dennis Leeflang to cut the scratch tracks (including a terrible, unreleasable vocal in which I filled in the now-blank verses with references to "worst songs ever" and "drinking coffee" - you know, the artisti process at it's best) and Dennis will be doing the drums either today or had them done yesterday.

Going back to the initial statement though, what is the song about? It's about a drug as a woman as a drug. Women and drugs are about the same thing. You get hooked on them, they make you broke and the eventually you end of quitting them wondering why you ever bothered in the first place. This seems to have been a very strange theme in my life over the years....henceforth it may be the first song in which I address the issue of "relationships" in any direct format.

I will update you further when more of this song comes together as it will be the first single for the coming release...

(I will also be starting a video blog and other nonsense to capture the building of this record - so keep checking back for video, audio and more of this nonsense written content).

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nothing to say, everything to say...

It's ironic that in the planning phases of several records that never came to light that I always seemed to have a free moment to update the public on every thought process that crossed my mind and every idea I had that was rattling around like spare change. It's also ironic that I remain silent for a year when actual production begins on three very important projects, all which will see release in 2009. 2008 was a year of silence as I wasted much time pondering and not enough time doing.

While things simmer to a dull roar, I can now talk about what has been done as it has been done. Many more updates on these three important projects will be posted here as well as the process, photography and video representing these events.

For now I will simply post these three albums and titles to give you a feel for what has been going on...

Solis Rex - Untitled

Snake Shift - Untitled

Aerik Von - Untitled

Lot's of untitled you say? Yes. The Snake Shift and Solis Rex records are finished on the chopping block and I am currently recording the new Aerik Von album with one Dennis Leeflang.

So much to say, so little time...but I will MAKE time for communications now.