Monday, January 26, 2009


Is it a woman? Is it a drug? Is it a strange flying object from mars?

Actually, it's the first song we've started working on for the new "Aerik Von & The Choir of Wrath" release. On Saturday I took a trip over to 3113 studios with Dennis Leeflang to cut the scratch tracks (including a terrible, unreleasable vocal in which I filled in the now-blank verses with references to "worst songs ever" and "drinking coffee" - you know, the artisti process at it's best) and Dennis will be doing the drums either today or had them done yesterday.

Going back to the initial statement though, what is the song about? It's about a drug as a woman as a drug. Women and drugs are about the same thing. You get hooked on them, they make you broke and the eventually you end of quitting them wondering why you ever bothered in the first place. This seems to have been a very strange theme in my life over the years....henceforth it may be the first song in which I address the issue of "relationships" in any direct format.

I will update you further when more of this song comes together as it will be the first single for the coming release...

(I will also be starting a video blog and other nonsense to capture the building of this record - so keep checking back for video, audio and more of this nonsense written content).