Monday, June 08, 2009

...and end for Solis Rex.

Creative differences, internal disputes, miserable live moments and otherwise have contributed to a much needed end to what has been a difficult but flawed period in my music career. I will say that is was wonderful as I did get to work with Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, Carlo Tonalezzi (Cerbero) and Veronica Bellino (13)...the record ended up being a professional, listenable product and otherwise the experience at One East was wonderful.

In the end though, I was asked to change lyrics, sacrifice a band name for something I thought less of and otherwise gave up rights to many creative ideas that in retrospect, meant quite a bit to me. This alone created a seed of dissent that makes continuing the Solis Rex project in any elongated period to be a very difficult process.

Summarily, the seed of Black Moon Rising (and the new BMR record I've been promising) and the lost ideas of Solis Rex are now born into a new project named LUCIFER JONES. More on this later...keep checking back.